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Onkyo issue with firmware

Publié par nitocris sur 9 Juin 2022, 07:09am


- no Wifi/Bluetooth, not Ethernet network, no USB, some menu are missing in Onkyo (7.3 update menu is missing)

- but sound and image is oky.

- In my case : self-diagnostic ([DIMMER] + [ON/Standby] x2) cannot be used

This is different from a standard issue with "no sound" which is linked to welding of the DTS processor


Onkyo :  TX-NR555/656/757, TW-RZ610/710/810, HT-R695, DRX-2/3/4/5

Pioneer: VSX-831/VSX-LX101/VSX-1131/VSX-LX301

Part 1 : Get Access to the OS

As is has been confirmed, the OS is a linux on an ARM processor (V850) but since network is unavailable we cannot SSH to it.

On some model, there are RS-232 port on the back (BAETC-2025)

Onkyo RS-232C

RS-232C is linked from P2900B to BATRM-2023 on port P2900A. This last on is linked from to P2801A to to P2801B on BAPRC-2034.

On the MPU board, the RS-232 signal goes through a RS-232 Interface IC (downshift from 5V to 3.3V) to the CPU V850: 

BAPRC-2034 RS-232
Onkyo BAPRC-2034 MPU part10 - follow RS-232


On the connection side, you can directly use te DB9 port on the outside if you have one or the inside connector on the Speaker board 

Onkyo BATRM-2023 Speaker board

In real life on my TX-NR656: 

onkyo RS232 on BATRM

Serial Parameters

9600 8N1 = 

Speed: 9600 bauds

Bits : 8 data bits

stop : 1 stop bit

parity: no

Flow control  Xon/xoff : no

Phase 2 : login on the OS

Next episod

Redaction notes :

default login/password : login: root / password: morimori

Processor : Microcontrôleurs 32 bits - MCU MCU 32bit High-End Flash V850E2/DJ4 [968-PD70F3523GJAGAEG]

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